Getting started with OneEdge

The OneEdge (OE) solution is an integrated offering combining Telit modules, connectivity, and cloud services to provide a unified end-to-end IoT enabler. Using OneEdge, you can focus your efforts on building your application logic, allowing the OneEdge components to accelerate your time to market through easy connectivity, management, and security. The OneEdge solution is comprised of the following components:

  • Telit IoT Portal (IoTP) represents the heart of any solution, enabling you to monitor and manage thousands of devices with ease. Integrate data from your device into your back-office applications and public infrastructure clouds with ease, all while knowing you are using an award winning secure IoT Platform. From simple FOTA and device management, to full application data processing and delivery, the IoT Portal simplifies any solution.
  • Telit OneEdge modules provide a secure and extensible platform for your IoT solutions. With robust APIs you can choose to integrate your application logic directly on the module in its AppZone environment, or you can run your application logic in an external application processor and communicate to the module with a robust set of AT commands. Modems no longer need to be considered a “bit pipe”, they are an essential co-processor at the edge that facilitate optimal solution development. The key components of the OneEdge modules are:
    • Connection Manager (CM) is an important component of the OneEdge solution. By enabling the Connection Manager your solution easily incorporates best practices to maintain a high quality cellular connection without needing any application logic.
    • LWM2M Agent embedded in the module enables efficient and secure communications between the module and the IoT Portal using an industry standard protocol. Leveraging DTLS and CoAP, LWM2M offers many features to provide reliable application and device management integration with cloud services.
  • Telit Connectivity completes the solution by providing the cellular connectivity across many carriers providing global coverage for your solution needs. With a single unified API, alerting, and analysis tools, connectivity from Telit, when combined with the rest of the OneEdge offering provides an end-to-end IoT enabler.

Another valuable aspect of OneEdge is the layered security built into the overall solution. There OE Modules are provisioned with secure keys at manufacture to enable zero touch onboarding and secure communication with the IoT Portal. The OE modules have support for secure boot and require signed firmware for FOTA.

The Getting started with OneEdge section will take you step by step to connect your OneEdge module to the IoT Portal. The diagram shows how you can create an application at the edge and transmit data from your connected OneEdge module to the IoT Portal efficiently and securely through LwM2M.

Your simplified OneEdge solution can easily be implemented by following the steps in this Getting Started guide.