Return Policy

Telit IoT Solutions Holding Ltd. Shipping and Return Policy

  1. Definitions.
    • "Key Controlled Software" refers to Telit IoT Solutions Holding Ltd. software which requires a license key to operate. These license keys are tied to the hardware MAC address, SIM number, ESN number or IMEI number.
  2. Shipping.
    • Delivery of goods and risk of loss. Shipments of goods shall be EX WORKS (Incoterms 2010) Telit IoT Solutions Holding Ltd.' facility unless otherwise specified by Telit IoT Solutions Holding Ltd. in writing, with all risk of loss or damage to goods passing to Buyer upon delivery to carrier.
  3. Hardware
    • Returns: Returns are permitted on hardware only to the extent offered by the supplier. Supplier will be required to accept only those products which are in their original unopened packaging, undamaged, and in merchantable condition.
    • Cancellation: Order cancellations are permitted on hardware only to the extent offered by the supplier.
  4. Software.
    • Key Controlled Software. Telit IoT Solutions Holding Ltd. does not allow returns of fully licensed key-controlled software.
    • Customer Acceptance: Some customer engagements require the software and solution to pass an acceptance test before payment. Customers and resellers may request a special time-limited evaluation license to be used for this test, prior to purchasing the non-refundable software license. Note that evaluation licenses requests are subject to a review process by Supplier. Supplier may request additional customer information to determine if the license will be provided.
  5. Telit IoT Platform Services.
    • Services: Services are purchased on a monthly basis and are not subject to return or refunds. Credits may be applied for disruptions of service per the Service Level Agreement.

Current Version: April 22, 2016
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