App Center

Telit's App Center brings together multiple apps used while developing your IoT solution. Each App within the app center provides a particular service. One of the popular app is FOTA (Firmware Over-the-Air). For more information on using the FOTA app, see FOTA. This section introduces you to various components you see in the home screen of the App Center.

  Feature Description
Help Center Link to access the help documentation.
Status The current status of different servers. Click to access the server status.
Instance The current instance to which you are logged in.
Organization The organization you belong too. If you have access to more than one organization then you will be able to click on the organization to change to a different organization.
Username Your user name.
Look & feel Look & feel settings of the App Center
App Collection List of Apps that are included in your profile. It is possible to add or remove apps from the App Collection. For more information on adding or removing apps from the App Center see, Adding an App to the App Center and Removing an App from the App Center.
Apps Dashboard The Dashboard shows all the apps available to use in your organization

What's Inside

This section contains the following: