Modbus Server driver

The Modbus Server driver performs the functions of a Modbus server device. The Modbus Server supports the MODBUS® Application Protocol Specification, V1.1b specification. The Modbus Server supports communications from Modbus clients across both an Ethernet TCP/IP connection and an RS-232 Serial connection.

This guide describes how to use the Modbus Server device driver (referred to as the Modbus Server) in conjunction with the runtime and the Workbench.


It is assumed that you have experience with the following:

  • Modbus TCP protocol
  • Modbus RTU protocol
  • The Workbench

Before using information in this guide: should have occurred:

  • An Asset Gateway or Enterprise Gateway was installed in its operating environment
  • The Workbench is installed on a computer that has TCP network connectivity to the node
  • The Modbus Server was installed using the Workbench > Administration > Packages tab
  • A Modbus client application is available that can connect to the Modbus Server via either Ethernet TCP/IP or an RS-232 Serial

What's Inside