This driver implements the NMEA specification for serial communications with GPS devices. It receives all events and maps them to easy to use variables.

Supported Devices

Device Type Protocol
MultiTech OCG NMEA Serial
Sierra Wireless 9780 NMEA Serial
Ericsson F3321GW NMEA Serial

MultiTech Conduit AEP GPS Support

The GPS driver is not required for the MultiTech Conduit AEP. GPS support is part of the MultiTech driver. The dwmultitech driver provides access to GPS information available on hardware units equipped with a GPS device. The GPS information is available through deviceWISE Variables associated with the deviceWISE GPS Device. After starting the GPS Device, the following is a list of the supported GPS fields which are accessed through the Workbench and through Trigger logic:

  • Latitude (FLOAT8)
  • Longitude (FLOAT8)
  • Altitude (FLOAT8)
  • Satellites Used (UINT4)
  • Course (FLOAT8)
  • Speed (FLOAT8)

All values are read-only.