OPC-DA Client driver

The OPC-DA Client device driver provides communication support to OPC-DA servers that have implemented the OLE for Process Control (OPC)® Data Access (DA) Custom Interface Standard 3.0 and 2.05 Specifications.

This guide describes how to use the OPC-DA Client driver in conjunction with the runtime and the Workbench.

The OPC-DA Client driver supports connectivity to OPC-DA servers that are running on the same machine as the OPC-DA Client driver. OPC DA Client only works on Windows 32-bit and Windows 64-bit products.


It is assumed that you have experience with the following:

  • OPC-DA specification
  • OPC-DA server configuration software
  • The Workbench.

Before using information in this guide: should have occurred:

  • An Asset Gateway or Enterprise Gateway product is installed in its operating environment
  • The Workbench is installed on a computer that has TCP network connectivity to the node
  • The servers that will be accessed by the OPC-DA Client driver have been configured and are accessible.

What's Inside