ROC Plus driver

The ROC Plus driver provides communication support to the family of Emerson ROC800-Series Remote Operations Controllers. This guide describes how to use the ROC Plus device driver (referred to as the ROC Plus driver) in conjunction with the runtime and the Workbench.


It is assumed that you have experience with the following:

  • ROC800-Series Remote Operations Controller architecture
  • ROC800-Series Remote Operations Controllers
  • ROC Plus TLP (Point Type (T), Logical Number (L), and Parameter (P)) naming conventions
  • ROCLink 800 Configuration software.

Before using information in this guide: should have occurred:

  • An Asset Gateway or Enterprise Gateway product is installed in its operating environment
  • The Workbench is installed on a computer that has TCP network connectivity to the node
  • The Emerson ROC800-Series controllers have been setup and have network connectivity.

What's Inside