Topic updated on September 17, 2021

Enabling SAP JMS NetWeaver support

If you want SAP JMS NetWeaver support enabled on your node, you must add the SAP JMS NetWeaver support jar files to the Staging Browser. Once these jar files are available on the node, you will be able to create JMS Transports and Listeners that access queues on a SAP JMS NetWeaver Server.


The following is assumed:

  • You have access to a SAP JMS NetWeaver installation
  • You have installed a license for  the SAP JMS NetWeaver feature.

Required jar files

You need to gather the following jar files from the SAP NetWeaver server installation. 


Putting the jar files in the staging browser area

Transfer the SAP NetWeaver support jar files to the system/jars folder in the Staging Browser.

Follow these steps:

  1. From the Workbench left pane, expand the appropriate node.
  2. Select Administration.
    The Administration window appears with a set of tabs.

  3. Select the Staging Browser tab, and then locate the system/jars folder.

  4. From the Staging Browser tab, expand system, right click the jars folder to display its pop-up menu, and then click Put.
    The Select Files window appears.
  5. Change to the location where the jar files resides, and then select all the files.
    The names of the files are added to the File Name box.
  6. Select Select.
  7. A message will ask you if you want to upload the selected files. Select Yes.
  8. Another message will tell you that the file was uploaded to the target folder. Select OK.
    The files are copied into the node and appear in the system/jars folder.

The next step is to restart the runtime processes.

Restarting the Runtime process

Using the Workbench navigate to the Administration ->  Node Administration and select the Restart button. This brings up a dialog box. Select the Restart Runtime button.

You will not be able to access the node while it is restarting.

Verifying that the SAP JMS NetWeaver support is enabled

You will be able to verify that the SAP JMS NetWeaver support is enabled on the node. 

  1. From the Workbench left pane, expand the node on which you want to verify SAP JMS NetWeaver support.
  2. Expand Enterprise, right-click the Transports icon to display its pop-up menu, and then click New.
    The Transport window appears.

  3. Select the Type down arrow, and then select JMS.
    The Transport window changes to accommodate the definition of a JMS transport.

  4. Select the JMS Provider down arrow. You will see the NetWeaver option. This indicates that SAP JMS NetWeaver support has been enabled.