Topic updated on September 17, 2021

Node alert states

Each node icon in the Nodes list will be overlaid with an icon for the highest level active alert or with an icon for the attention bit. When a node is selected from the Nodes list, the right hand pane of the Workbench window displays an Alerts section. For example:

In this example, the selected node has an error alert icon overlaid on its node icon and the Alerts section displays a table of the active alerts for the selected node (showing an example of each alert state).

The columns in the Alerts table are as follows:

Column Description
State The alert state with its associated icon. The states in order of priority level are:
  • Error - An error usually requiring action to correct.
  • Warning - A potential problem that might be important or might might not need immediate action.
  • Info - An informational item about the system or the application.
  • Debug - A debug item generated by the application.
Component The component that is the source of the alert. This could be a system component or an application defined component.
The message text associated with the alert.
Last Updated The date and time the alert was last updated.

Alerts are generated by system components or generated by an application using a trigger action. The attention bit is a separate feature from the Alerts feature. The attention bit icon is the same as the warning alert icon.

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