Tag cloud

The Tag cloud widget is used to filter all multiple-Thing widgets using tags. In the Management Portal most of the objects are grouped using Tags for easy filtering. The tags are single words for visual depiction. The larger and brighter the color, the more Things/connections are associated to the tag. They are also descending ordered from the one that contains the most is in the first and the one with the least is at the last. This format is useful for quickly perceiving the most prominent terms. 

The following comments pertain to the display page:

  • On initial page load, dashboard-level tags are selected first. Tags from the tag cloud can be selected/deselected as with other sections of the Portal.
  • When tags are selected/deselected and applied by pressing the Change tag filter button, all multiple-Thing widgets are reloaded so that the resulting changes may be seen.
  • Use of the tag cloud widget forces the dashboard to use tags versus Things for filtering.
  • Changes to the dashboard as a result of use of the tag cloud widget only persist as long as the page is open. This means that if another browser tab or window is opened containing the same dashboard, it will not have the changes made in the tag cloud widget.
  • Tag cloud widget tags overwrite tags in other widgets. The tags that had previously been in other multiple-Thing widgets must be re-selected if desired.

Configuring the Tag cloud widget

Field Description
Name The name of the widget, shown at the top of the widget.
Show border If the widget should have a border around