Adding CoAP PSK

To add a CoAP pre-shared key, do the following:

  1. On Developer main screen in the LwM2M group, click CoAP pre-shared keys
    The CoAP pre-shared keys screen appears
  2. Click on the New CoAP pre-shared key
    Adding COAP pre-shared key screen appears
  3. Enter the following details:
    1NameThe name of the CoAP pre-shared key
    2IdentityEnter a textual identifier for the pre-shared key. For example:PSK1
    3DescriptionEnter description for the pre-shared key.
    4Pre-shared keyEnter a Hex encoded string. The PSK is a series of bits, but the human readable representation is in hexadecimal format. The PSK must contain atleast 16 hexadecimal characters. For example: 858b3af594159a06544b5143.

    The PSK is auto-generated, if the field is omitted.

    5Confirm pre-shared keyRepeat the Pre-shared key you entered.
  4. Click Add
    Pre-shared key added message appears.

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