Defining Locations

The Locations tab is used to define how things with this thing definition respond to location information.

  • Fix types to ignore: Is used to specify location fix types to ignore when location information is received for a thing. Location information published for a thing can have a fix type that indicates how the location information is acquired. The fix types entered into this field will not update the thing's location. One possible situation where this may be useful is when a thing's location is set manually and all other fix types are to be ignored (as the locations other fix types report will be different than the one set manually).
    Typical fix types are listed below. This is not an exhaustive list.
    Typical fix typeDescription
    gpsLocation acquired from a GPS satellite system.
    gnssLocation acquired from a GNSS satellite system.
    manualA manually defined location provided by a user.
    m2m-locateLocation acquired from Telit m2mLOCATE service.
    networkLocation acquired from a network location service.
    lwm2m-networkLocation acquired from a LWM2M location service.
  • Don't decode address for location publishes: If selected the address is not decoded from the location.
  • Enable simple mode for location publishes: By default when a location is published, the IoT Portal checks if the location is within or outside any Geofence and calculates the distance between each location publishes. If simple mode is enabled, the IoT Portal ignores the Geofences and does not calculate the distance between publishes, instead it just publishes the location.

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