method.exec action

This trigger action will execute a method on a Thing.


This trigger action is found under the Method heading.


When dragged onto the canvas, the appearance of the action is a rectangle with two routing points.

The left routing point (red) is the failure route. This route will be taken if there is an error during execution.

The right routing point (green) is the success route. This route will be taken if action executes successfully.



Name Type Required Description
Thing Definition String Yes Specifies the definition that contains the method to be executed. This field is solely used to populate the methods available in the Method drop down.
Thing Key String Yes Identifies the thing to which the method is associated. It can be the thing key associated with the trigger event: $(event.thing.key).
Method String Yes The thing's method to be executed. This field generates additional parameter fields, as defined by the method's notification variables.
Ack Timeout Integer Yes An acknowledge timeout duration in seconds, specifying how long to wait for a reply. A value of -1 indicates for the action to return immediately and not wait for a reply.

Action variables

Name Type Description
$(action.X.params) Object An object that contains the method execution's Completion Variables, if any, defined in the specific method's definition.

Method with Notification Variables

Additional parameters will appear depending on the Method that is selected.

These additional parameters are populated according to the method definition's Notification variables, and the form fields will reflect each variable's predefinedUI Type.

See the Methods section of Thing definitions for more information on defining Methods with Notification variables and Completion variables.