The property.current trigger action will retrieve the value of a property for a given timestamp. If no timestamp is specified then it outputs the current value.


This trigger action is found under the Property heading.


When dragged onto the canvas, the appearance of the action is a rectangle with two routing points.

The left routing point (red) is the failure route. This route will be taken if there is an error during execution.

The right routing point (green) is the success route. This route will be taken if action executes successfully.



Name Type Required Descriptions
Thing key String Yes Identifies the thing to which the property is associated. It can be the thing key associated with the trigger event: $(event.thing.key).
Property key String Yes The key for the property that you wish to retrieve. It can be the property key associated with the trigger event: $(event.prop.key).
Timestamp String Enter a timestamp to see the property value at that time. If you do not specify any timestamp, then the current value of the property is displayed.

Action variables

Name Type Description
$(action.X.ts) String Timestamp for the given value.


The current value for the requested property.