When you connect to the IoT Portal with your device using a valid Application token, the device gets auto registered.

One example is for Asset Gateways and Enterprise Gateways that connect to the IoT Portal. As part of connecting to the IoT Portal using TR50 for the first time, the gateway specifies:

  • The TR50 Server Address (the hostname of the IoT Portal registration server)
  • An application token. This is used to reference the:
    • Application, the application token is for a specific application defined in the IoT Portal.
    • Organization, the application is defined in a specific organization in the IoT Portal.
    • Auto registration thing definition, defined in the application definition.
      If the gateway's thing key is not found in the organization, then a thing to represent the gateway is automatically defined in the organization, using the auto registration thing definition.In this case, the Things page will display the thing name with an "auto:" prefix.

Another example is for external applications using the IoT Portal API Reference Guide. Some of the commands, for example, the thing.bind command, allow a thing to be automatically defined if it is not already defined. For more information on Thing binding, see Bound things