Viewing a Thing

The Thing view provides details of a Thing that includes the properties, attributes, alarms, events, files and so on . To view a Thing, do the following:

  1. In the Management Portal, click on Things

    The Things screen appears
  2. Click Table Tab

  3. Click on the corresponding view button  of a Thing that you want to view
    Thing View Dashboard appears.

Once an existing attribute is set to be visible as a column in the Table View, it will remain there, evenif the attribute is deleted from the thing's definitions that refer to it.

Thing View Dashboard

    The information displayed on a thing's page will vary, based on the:

  • The type of thing, for example, a gateway, a Telit module, or an external application.
  • The characteristics defined in the thing's Thing definition, including properties, attributes, and alarms. For more information, see Thing definitions.
  • The thing definition's presentation, including the position of the tabs (top, left, single page) and the size of the graphs. For more information, see Presentation.

The Thing View dashboard includes information about the selected Thing.

  • The top widget in the Thing View contains tabs that provide various information about the Thing.
  • The Alarms widget provides a list of all alarms defined to the Thing.
  • The Properties widget provides the graphs of each property defined for the Thing.

What's Inside

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