What's new in the deviceWISE 17.2.3 release

The latest released build is 17.2.3-02.

Customers using CloudLINK to connect to the IoT Portal should not use version 17.2.3.  We removed support for CloudLINK in version 17.2.3.  Customers using CloudLINK should use deviceWISE release versions 17.1.14 or earlier.

The deviceWISE runtime minimum version for package files was set to 17.2.3 in this release.

  • This means that customers will need to install packages associated with the 17.2.3 release for the packages to work.
  • Packages released before 17.2.3 will not work with the deviceWISE runtime release 17.2.3, or with newer deviceWISE runtime releases.

Supported platforms

deviceWISE Enterprise Gateway products

  • Software Products
    • AIX 32-bit  (Version 6.1 and Version 7.1)
    • AIX 64-bit (Version 6.1 and Version 7.1)
    • Linux 32-bit (CentOS 5 and CentOS 6)
    • Linux 64-bit (CentOS 6 and CentOS 7)  
      • no CentOS5 support
      • Full - for deviceWISE Enterprise Gateways for 32-bit Linux installed on 64-bit CentOS Operating Systems (requires 32-bit glibc, e.g. glibc.i686 on CentOS 7)

      • Full - for deviceWISE Enterprise Gateway for 64-bit Linux 

    • Windows (Windows XP SP3, Windows 7, Windows 10, and Windows Server 2008 R2)
  • Embedded Products
    • Dell Edge 5000 - WindRiver Linux 7
    • Mitsubishi MESInterface IT
    • Mitsubishi WinCPU
    • Siemens ERPC

deviceWISE Asset Gateway products

  • Software Products
    • Linux 32-bit (CentOS 5 and CentOS 6)
    • Linux 64-bit (CentOS 6 and CentOS 7)
      • no CentOS 5 support
      • Full - for deviceWISE Asset Gateways for 32-bit Linux installed on 64-bit CentOS Operating Systems (requires 32-bit glibc, e.g. glibc.i686 on CentOS 7)

      • Full - for deviceWISE Asset Gateway for 64-bit Linux

    • Windows (Windows XP SP3 and Windows 7, and Windows 10)
  • Embedded Products
    • Advantech Uno*
    • B+B SmartWorx Spectre V3
    • CalAmp LMU-5000 (Rev C and Rev G)
    • CalAmp CDM-5030
    • Cisco 829
    • Cisco IE 4000
    • Cypress CTM-200  
    • Dell Edge 5000 - WindRiver Linux 7
    • GateTel EZMoto V2
    • Mitsubishi CCPU
    • Multitech Conduit (with Serial and GPIO and cellular modules)
    • Multitech Conduit AEP for AT&T**
    • Multitech OCG-D (Models H4, H5, and EV2)
    • NetComm Wireless Routers (NTC-6200, NTC-40, NTC-30WV, NWL-12, NWL-11)
    • Option CloudGate (Models CG0192 and CG0112 with v1.x or v2.x firmware)
    • RedLion (Pilot Ready)
    • Siemens (MicroBox, NanoBox)*
    • Siemens ERPC*
    • Systech SysLINK SL-500 
    • USRobotics 3510
    • Vantron VT-M2M-LV (Generally Available) *NEW
    • Xmodus XM1710E (Pilot Ready)

New features and Enhancements to existing features

Active Directory
  • Add ability to administer the authentication and authorization of users using a centrally managed service like Microsoft Active Directory (AD)
Azure VPS License Support
  • Add support for licenses on Azure VPS
  • The CloudLINK package was removed from all deviceWISE 17.2.3 products.  This concludes a multi-year transition from CloudLINK to TR50.  Customers still using CloudLINK should not upgrade to 17.2.3 or later releases, and should set a plan to transition to TR50 and the current Telit IoT Portal.
  • Older CloudLINK packages will not work with 17.2.3 or newer releases of deviceWISE.
  • Release Asset Gateway for Vantron VT-M2M-LV as Generally Available for gateways using Vantron firmware version 700RGA500E103_M2MLV,V3.0,VT-XOS_V3.76,Rev3.761,Release,20170120 or later.
  • Add Label Support for Systech SL-500  
Third Party Library Updates
  • deviceWISE 17.2.3 includes updates to a variety of third party libraries associated with deviceWISE Asset Gateway, Enterprise Gateway, and Workbench products. 
  • See the section at the bottom of this document identifying how to install or upgrade the deviceWISE products.
  • Update default mailbox check timeout to 1 day
Transaction Server
  • Watson Transport - New "Proof of Concept" feature
  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2016
  • Include skipping of disabled actions in a trigger report
  • Improve ability to insert actions below the last at the border
  • Show more event variables - adjust to the available real-estate automatically
  • SUP Create: File Get to have option of including staging folder within local directory
  • WMQ and JMS Transport and Listener panels need to show the userid and password fields as required
  • Display an error when the WSDL cannot be processed when service information is missing

Driver updates

Refer to the Management Portal -> Developer page -> Resources item to identify the drivers and driver versions supported on a specific platform with this release. Both new installations and updates should include the drivers for this release.

  • We separated the package files into Prototype, Pilot Ready, and Generally Available
  • Atlas Copco - Add ability to retrieve missed tightening messages
  • Modbus Client - Allow port names up to 64 characters
  • Omron - Add support for CP1 and NX1
  • OPC-UA - Security enhancements

Limited Release** features

Notes: * - Denotes a supported gateway that was not specifically tested for this release. Of the Asset Gateways listed, most use a standard Linux or Windows load or they are very similar to a tested Enterprise Gateway. ** - Limited Release features meet customer specific features and configurations. These features may not be available in all hardware and operating system configurations.

Supported Driver Versions

More information about drivers can be found on the Device driver list.

The following drivers are fully supported and deemed "Generally Available" with this release.

Driver Name


Atlas Copco - updated in 17.2.3


Beckhoff   2.1.3

Apex Cleco


Danlaw - updated in 17.2.3 2.7.8



LDAP - New in 17.2.3 1.0.0
Lua 1.1.1

Mitsubishi Electric 


Modbus Client - updated in 17.2.3


Modbus Server


MQTT Client 1.3.0
MTConnect 1.2.4

Omron - updated in 17.2.3


OPC-DA Client


OPC-DA Server 


Allen-Bradley (Rockwell Automation)  - updated in 17.2.3




Sysmon 1.0.0
TR50 2.0.1

The following drivers have a "Pilot Ready" status.

Driver Name


OPC-UA Client  - updated in 17.2.3

Pointer  1.12.0

Emerson Rocplus




Sturtevant Richmont  - updated in 17.2.3 2.0.0



The following drivers and packages are "Prototype" level.

Driver Name


BACnet IP 


Banner Engineering


Bosch Rexroth  1.4.7
CTI  2.1.1
Davis 1.0.0

Escort Memory Systems (EMS)






General Electric Fanuc


GrovePi (Only in Raspbian directory)   1.0.0

Hawkeye (MicroScan Systems) 


Hue 1.0.0
iCaddy 1.0.0
Lora (Semtech) 1.0.0

ScanTools OBD-II




Sandbox 1.0.0
Sigfox 1.0.0
SQElectronics 1.0.0
Symbol 1.0.2
Virtual 1.2.0







Known issues for the deviceWISE 17.2.3 release

Actions and Events

MAP-7740:  Log Message action not logging the $ char in a log message

Description:  The Log Message action does not write the $ char in an exception log message.  This can be bypassed by using 2 $ chars back to back.

Asset Gateway for CalAmp

MAP-5369: OS Shutdown action does not work on a CalAmp RevC or RevG

Description: The OS Shutdown action does nothing when executed on a CalAmp RevC or RevG. This feature has not been implemented in the Asset Gateway for CalAmp.

Asset Gateway for Multitech

MAP-4860: Local time zone for Brussels is 2-hours off

Description: Setting the local time for Brussels, Belgium is two hours off in the Asset Gateway for Multitech.

Workaround: Select the local time option for Paris, France in the Asset Gateway for Multitech.

Asset Gateway for Option CloudGate

MAP-8230:  Option V2 CDMA: Message corruption on Send SMS

Description:  For Option CloudGate CDMA-equipped models, cellular Actions and Events related to SMS send and receive are not supported.

MAP-8231:  Option V2 CDMA: Sending a large SMS message fails on with internal CloudGate api error

Description:  For CloudGate Option CDMA-equipped models, cellular Actions and Events related to SMS send and receive are not supported.  Sending a large SMS > 160 characters fails with a CloudGate api error on an option V2 CDMA node.

MAP-10092:  No TR50 S&F disk storage type support for Option CloudGate V1

Description:  TR50 S&F support is present, but the S&F disk storage type is not available.

Asset Gateway for USRobotics

MAP-10662:  No TR50 S&F disk storage type support for USRobotics

Description:  TR50 S&F support is present, but the S&F disk storage type is not available.

Device types

MAP-9212: Be aware of endianess when importing or exporting Global Variables device and data values

Description: When exporting a Global Variables device with its data values from one node and then importing the Global Variables device and the data values into another node, the endianess of the nodes must be taken into consideration. For example: exporting from a big endian node (Power PC) and then importing into a little endian node (X86). The numeric data values will not be correctly represented in the imported node.

After the import, the Global Variables device should be edited and the data values reviewed and modified.

Enterprise Gateway for ERPC

MAP-1933: On a Enterprise Gateway for Siemens ERPC, a controlled Listener fails to connect to queue manager on first attempt

Description: When accessing a WebSphere MQ server via a transport or a listener, the very first connect request after boot fails due to a limitation in the firmware. Subsequent connect requests work correctly.

Workaround: Repeat the connect request.

MAP-3634: FTP action with Transfer Mode set to Active fails on Enterprise Gateway for Siemens ERPC

Description: When using a trigger FTP action, the Put and Get operations do not work when Transfer Mode set to Active on ERPC.

Workaround: Set the Transfer Mode parameter to Passive instead of Active until the problem is fixed in a future release.

MAP-5707: FTP client does not connect to server in passive mode on ERPC

Description: The deviceWISE FTP Server in the Enterprise Gateway for Siemens ERPC cannot support a FTP client in passive mode.

Workaround: Use the FTP active mode instead.

MAP-6793:  A TR50 connection with SSL will fail on ERPC

Description:  TR-50 is not supported on the ERPC platform

MAP-9820:  VxWorks-based Enterprise gateway platforms lose SQLServer Connectivity after Windows updates

Description:  Windows updates add new items to the Windows cipher suite and change the default order of items within the cipher suite.  This prevents a successful connection with SQL server. 

Workaround:  Move this cipher suite “TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA (53)”, to the top of the list of cipher suites.  See the More Information section on this Microsoft page for instructions to configure the SSL Cipher Suite Order Group Policy setting :  https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3161639.  Using this method retains the order of the cipher suites across subsequent Windows updates.

MAP-11664:  VxWorks-based Enterprise gateway platforms cannot process empty ResultSets from an Oracle Stored procedure 

Description: If you execute an Oracle database stored procedure transport map that returns result sets in output parameters the transaction action will fail if the result set output parameter is null.

MAP-11665:  VxWorks-based Enterprise gateway platforms cannot process empty ResultSets from a SQLServer Stored procedure 

Description: If you execute an SQLServer database stored procedure transport map that returns result sets the transaction action will fail if the result set is empty.

Enterprise Gateway for Windows

MAP-3455: The Enterprise Gateway for Windows Restart feature from the Node Administration tab does not work as designed

Description: The Restart feature available from Workbench -> Administration -> Node Administration tab may not cleanly stop and then restart the runtime. When there are many active transports and listeners, the Transaction Server does not restart properly.

Workaround: Follow the instructions in the section "Manually restarting a node" on Enabling MySQL support.

MAP-10766:  logon credentials for the Windows Services "deviceWise Transaction Engine" and "deviceWISE Core" are reset after DeviceWise upgrade or downgrade

Description:  If you change the logon credentials of the deviceWISE Windows Service entries which include  "deviceWISE Transaction Engine" and  "deviceWISE Core" , they will be reset to the default service credentials after a firmware update to a newer or older version. 

Workaround:  Navigate to the services panel and re-enter the logon credentials after the firmware update and restart the service entries. 

Local Database (Local DB) 

MAP-4732: The Local DB Import action with the "First Row is Header" parameter set to true fails.

Description: Importing a csv file with a header row into a Local DB table will cause a failure.

Workaround: Set the "First Row is Header" parameter to false, import it, and then remove the first row.

MAP-5404: Problem reading database entries when a comma/line-feed combination is the last item in a list of database entries

Description: If a comma/line-feed combination is the last item in a list of database entries, then a problem occurs

Workaround: Add a dummy column in the database to represent the blank after the comma. For example, if you have 15 data entries and the last entry has a comma, then add a 16th column to your database.

Transaction Server

MAP-685: Transports do not recover properly from Store and Forward

Description: When using the WMQ transport and the transport reports the error MQJMS007, it might cause the transport to switch in and out of Store and Forward, even though the transactions are successfully delivered to the WMQ queue.

Workaround: Check the WMQ queue manager. If the listener shows the state other than Started, then it is likely that you have encountered this issue. Set the listener to Started to restore proper functionality.

MAP-2972: Enterprise Gateway for Siemens ERPC faults with Transaction Server not being able to connect after a package remove

Description: After an Add or Remove of a package, such as a device driver, the node might have a fault where the Transaction Server cannot connect.

Workaround: You will need to restart deviceWISE. Follow the instructions for Manually restarting a deviceWISE node on Packages.

MAP-3930: IFS: sometimes the Transaction Server fails to start

Description: When setting transports, especially an iTAC transport, with "Load transport at initialization" parameter checked, and using a memory optimized Transaction Server that is not a match for the transports with "Load transport at initialization", it is possible that the Transaction Server will fail to start on Mitsubishi MESInterface IT nodes. Rebooting the module with the "Standard" Enterprise Access option will allow the Transaction Server to come up successfully, the transports can then be modified to remove the "Load transport at initialization" parameter. The memory optimized Transaction Server can then be re-set to the desired one.

MAP-4002: Updating logical variables in a transport map and not editing the corresponding trigger can lead to undesirable consequences.

Description: In this scenario the trigger will be disabled when it fires, and the action will return an error code of -6409 (invalid variable type) in the Exceptions log. Because the trigger will not be recovered on it's own, the user will have to edit and re-save the trigger manually.

MAP-4796: NVARCHAR Support Limitation

Description: The NVARCHAR and NCHAR datatypes for Oracle are not supported on the following platforms:

  • Mitsubishi MESInterface-IT
  • deviceWISE Enterprise Gateway for Siemens ERPC
MAP-5170: JSON payload transport maps for the HTTP transport are not supported on all platforms

Description: This feature is not supported on the following platforms:

  • Mitsubishi MESInterface-IT
  • deviceWISE Enterprise Gateway for Siemens ERPC
MAP-5684: JMS Netweaver Transport/Listener on an Enterprise Gateway for Siemens ERPC cannot initialize connection with the JMS Netweaver server

Description: This feature is not supported on the following platforms:

  • Mitsubishi MESInterface-IT
  • deviceWISE Enterprise Gateway for Siemens ERPC
MAP-5685: JMS Netweaver support jars are not packaged with the ERPC or MESInterface IT product install files

Description: This feature is not supported on the following platforms:

  • Mitsubishi MESInterface-IT
  • deviceWISE Enterprise Gateway for Siemens ERPC
MAP-6604:  HANA database insert fails ERPC

Description:  The NVARCHAR and NCHAR datatypes are not supported on the deviceWISE Enterprise Gateway for Siemens ERPC product.

MAP-7388:  New Oracle JDBC driver transport maps cannot enumerate schemas/table definitions on an Oracle 9 server

Description:   Beginning with the deviceWISE 15.1 release, the deviceWISE Enterprise Gateway products for Linux, Windows and AIX use a later version of the Oracle JDBC driver that only supports Oracle 12.1, 11.2, 11.1.

 Oracle 9.2 was end-of-lifed in July 2010.

The MESInterface-IT and deviceWISE Enterprise Gateway for Siemens ERPC products are able to enumerate schemas from Oracle 9.2 because the JDBC driver has not been updated.

MAP-9082: Null Macro test: Select fails when a default timestamp of format 01/11/12 12:45:00.000 is used in place of a NULL value returned

Description: If you need to specify a default value for SQLServer datatypes for DATE and TIME when using the following enterprise gateway products: 

  • Mitsubishi MESInterface-IT
  • Enterprise Gateway for Siemens ERPC

then you will need to use a long value that represents milliseconds since 1/1/1970 instead of the default format 'mm/dd/yy HH:MM:SS.sss',

MAP-11311AIX java8: SSL Error when attempting to connect to sql server 2008 and below

Description:  The database transport on deviceWISE Enteprise Gateway for AIX and AIX64 cannot complete a connection to SQLServer 2008 running on WindowXP due to incompatibility with SSL. The workaround is to access the SQLServer database on a newer operating system.

Transaction server XSD support

MAP-3141: XSD: Xpath expression should not be saved in the XML if Specify Map and Sequence Keys in header check box is selected

Description: This issue only affects JMS listeners with the XSD payload. When there is both an XPath expression and a JMS header property specified on the JMS listener XSD Payload panel, and the header property is missing from the incoming JMS message, the XPath expression is used to determine the listener map id, instead of the default listener map id.

MAP-3695: XSD: Default or fixed value provided in the XSD will be erroneously used

Description: If the XSD used to create a listener map contains a required attribute with a default or fixed value, it is considered valid. At runtime, instead of the XML being rejected as invalid, the default or fixed value provided in the XSD will be erroneously used.

MAP-4665: XSD: Imported transport map and listener map definitions from an older runtime into a newer runtime are not namespace aware unless XSD is requeried

Description: If you are importing a transport map or listener map that was defined with XSDs and was created in a 12.4 or prior release, then the map needs to queried again and saved in order for 'nil' element processing to be handled correctly.

MAP-4666: Listener doesn't support XSDs with namespaces

Description: A Listener configured to process XSD based payloads will not be able to successfully handle an XML with namespace qualified elements.

Workaround: The workaround is to provide an XML request without namespaces.

Transaction Server Web Services SOAP

MAP-5181: SOAP Header Parameter limited support

Description: SOAP Header Parameter support is not available on the Enterprise Gateway for Siemens ERPC and Mitsubishi MESInterface-IT products.


MAP-7007:  TR50: Deadlock 

Description:  Gateway may experience a rarely occurring deadlock condition after several days or weeks of operation.  If this occurs, a watchdog will expire and reset the gateway to resume operations.

MAP-8236  Wait action is not being rescheduled after a time_sync. 

Description:  There is known issue relating to WAIT action completing immediately when the timesync is enabled on a TR50 connection that has a drift of 2 seconds or greater. This implied that the trigger's sequence of events that are time sensitive may execute quicker than expected when the OS system time is adjusted to sync with the M2M Service platforms' time. 

MAP-10092:  Option CloudGate V1 failed when running TR50 S&F disk storage type tests with error storage->create_storage failed [-33533]

Description:  TR50 Store and Forward disk storage type is not supported on Option CloudGate V1 gateways.


MAP-3140: Siemens S7 listener gets stuck in stopping state on Enterprise Gateway for Siemens ERPC

Description: After the Siemens S7 listener device receives data and a corresponding trigger is executed, stopping the Siemens S7 listener device results in the listener becoming stuck in the Stopping state. This happens during operations when the Siemens S7 listener device is using the normal TCP mode (not ISO-n-TCP). After a trigger executes the receipt of an unsolicited message, the S7 listener device cannot be stopped.

A firmware upgrade from Siemens is anticipated in order to resolve this behavior.

MAP-5066: CloudLINK package remove isn't removing the feature  and  MAP-5158Package remove failed - OS error

Description: On some platforms with limited operating system resources for memory or disk (persistence storage), there may be failure when attempting to add or remove packages. These failures are the result of the limited system resources and possible runtime behavior such as memory fragmentation. When these failures occur, restarting the node at the operating system level (power off then power on) may then allow the package add or remove to succeed. In other scenarios, you may have reached a platform limit based on the application definitions, the number and size of packages added and other dynamic runtime requirements.

MAP-6082:  Writing an empty string for Siemens STRINGs of length 207 or more does not clear bytes as expected

Description: If an empty string is written to a Siemens PLC, all the bytes of the string are set to 0x00 and the actual length byte is set to 0. This behavior changes when the maximum length of the string is 207 to 254 bytes. In this case the actual string length byte is set to 0, but the string bytes are not cleared. Not clearing the bytes is done to reduce the network traffic between the driver and the PLCs. Strings that are greater than 206 bytes requires the driver to send multiple messages to the server. The key to writing an empty string is setting the actual length byte to 0, so the string will have a NULL value.

MAP-6811:  Siemens LOGO PLC device disables periodically

Description: Lab tests have demonstrated that the Siemens LOGO PLC will not maintain simultaneous socket connections from multiple nodes. The LOGO PLC will terminate connections, which results in the associated device becoming disabled. The disabled device will re-establish a socket connection to the LOGO, only to have that connection eventually reset by the LOGO. It is recommended that connections to the LOGO PLC be limited to one node at a time. 

MAP-6938:  Rockwell CIP Event will not work when Size of One Element is set to 0 and STRINGs have more than 444 characters

Description:  The Rockwell CIP Event allows the Size of One Element field to be set to 0 and any messages using STRINGs of 444 characters or less to be received. However, any STRING with greater than 444 characters will result in an error. The workaround is to make sure you indicate the size of the String being read in the Size of One Element field.

MAP-7694:  Subscription on device that becomes stopped generates read errors

Description:  When subscribing to a started device that is later stopped, the subscription still attempts to read from that device and generates errors.

Workaround: Workbench can workaround this by stopping subs on stopped devices and restarting again on start, but keeping the subs live when the device is stopped results in fewer commands being sent.

MAP-9022:  Cannot read variable when its name exceeds 128 characters on OPC UA Client

Description:  A variable's location name can be a maximum of 128 characters long.  The variable location name consists of the parent structure names plus the variable name.  Renaming a variable to fit the 128 character limit will allow you to read and write to the variable.  A variable with a location name greater than 128 characters long will not be able to be accessed, and will return an "Error: Variable does not exist" error.  This page has more information:  Accessing device variables.

MAP-9303:  OPC UA Client driver increases core handles and memory usage during StartStopStress test (Linux)

Description:  Attempting to start and stop many OPC UA clients on Linux causes the node to crash.

Workaround: Limit the number of OPC UA devices per deviceWISE node to five.

MAP-9176:  OPC UA Client driver increases core handles and memory usage during StartStopStress test (Windows)

Description:  Attempting to start and stop many OPC UA clients will result in leaked memory. For reference, starting and stopping 15 clients constantly for 3 hours results in ~15MB lost. Restarting a node will clear this leaked memory.

MAP-9968:  BACNet Version 1.2.0 does not support Linux x64 platforms

Description:  BACnet is not supported on 64-bit Linux platforms.

MAP-10011:  Node crashes when disconnecting Ethernet cable when trigger is reading BACnet device variables

Description:  A problem has been seen in the lab where the system restarts if the network connection to the BACnet device is lost during the device start process

MAP-10145:  OPC-DA Client cannot write UINT4 value 2147483648 and greater

Description:  The largest unsigned integer value that the OPC-DA Client can write is 2147483647.


MAP-3167: Simultaneous Cellular connect/disconnect and Modem power on/off can cause reboot of Asset Gateway

Description: We found a scenario where the Asset Gateway will reboot when simultaneous control actions are executed. When the Set Modem Power Level action and the Control Cellular Connection action (or Workbench operation) is executed repeatedly and simultaneously, a crash can occur resulting in a reboot.

We have not seen this problem during normal operation where the use of the Set Modem Power Level action cycling of power between "Online" and "Low Power" rarely occurs.

Issues fixed in the deviceWISE 17.2.3 release

The following defects were fixed in this release.  

Drivers, Packages, and Proxies

MAP-11505 - Tons of Retries Occurring on Device Connect (Related to Pointer Driver)

Description:  Fixed in 17.2.2

MAP-11466 - Stopping duplicate Atlas Copco device disables trigger using original device

Description:  Fixed in 17.2.2

MAP-11370 - Mitsubishi Active Listener cannot capture A CPU messages

Description:  Fixed in 17.2.2

MAP-11579 - Missed messages missed when close to UINT_MAX

Description:  Fixed in 17.2.2

MAP-11563 - DanlawSandboxV2 Proxy Server is Crashing Frequently

Description:  Fixed in 17.2.2

MAP-11728:  Pointer deadlock found in unit testing

Description:  Fixed in 17.2.3


MAP-11009 - (M) - B+B SmartStart Asset Gateway does not show up as a deviceWISE Asset Gateway on portal

Description:  Fixed in 17.2.3

MAP-11573 - Enterprise Gateway restarting app. every minute. 

Description:  Fixed in 17.2.2

MAP-11669 - Firmware update fails on MultiTech Conduit AEP due to the EULA

Description:  Fixed in 17.2.3

MAP-11656 - Mutex deadlock on MultiTech Conduit when running a TR50 QDS Aggregator test

Description:  Fixed in 17.2.2

MAP-11602 - CalAmp RevC firmware update file too large to extract

Description:  Fixed in 17.2.2

MAP-11600 - AIX64 failing to load/install packages due to issues with zlib

Description:  Fixed in 17.2.2

MAP-11711:  MultiTech Conduit AEP EULA acceptance does not work on installation

Description:  Fixed in 17.2.3

deviceWISE Run-time

MAP-11522 - Vargroup does not get properly updated when importing and updating an existing var group

Description:  Fixed in 17.2.3

MAP-11512 - Binary encode/decode of timestamp appears to not swap data

Description:  Fixed in 17.2.3

MAP-11488 - Context text should be added to the Administration -> License Pooling tab parameters

Description:  Fixed in 17.2.3

MAP-11671 - TCP connections appear to be persisting leading to insufficient licenses in later TCP tests

Description:  Fixed in 17.2.3

MAP-11683:  Mutex deadlock in session.c when executing LDAP active directory tests on 32bit AIX or Linux generic

Description:  Fixed in 17.2.3

MAP-11691:  Plugin.c Leak - Valgrind

Description:  Small leak fixed in 17.2.3

MAP-11674:  License Pooling Settings not backed up

Description:  Fixed in 17.2.3

HTTP Server

MAP-4630/MAP-5090: The HTTP Server has problems with Network Intrusion monitoring tools

Description: In releases before 17.2.3 certain network intrusion tools can cause the deviceWISE HTTP server to crash.  This was fixed in the 17.2.3 release.

MAP-10926:  DW-Enterprise.Linux.x64 - crash/reboot issue

Description:  Fixed in 17.2.3

TCP Listener

MAP-11673:  TCP Listener crashes when receiving data from FW Simulator

Description:  Fixed in 17.2.3


MAP-11571:  Frequent TR-50 disconnects due to ping response not received

Description:  Fixed in 17.2.3


MAP-11660 - Workbench hangs when selecting a TCP Listener device

Description:  Fixed in 17.2.2

MAP-11703:  SUP actions for add directory and add file are failing

Description:  Fixed in 17.2.3.  Adding warning for user when directory not found during create.

Upgrading from previous versions

Backup before upgrading!  You should do a Node Back Up of your configuration from the Workbench prior to upgrading to a new version of deviceWISE.

Updating from an earlier release level of an Enterprise Gateway to 17.2.3

A firmware update from a earlier release to 17.2.3, is not supported.

If you are updating an Enterprise Gateway to 17.2.3, you must do a complete product installation. This is required to install the supporting libraries and 3rd party support files. These supporting files are not included in a firmware update for an Enterprise Gateway, but are included in a complete install.

After updating to 17.2.3, you will need to add all device drivers and extensions from the new 17.2.3 release level.

Updating from an earlier release of an Asset Gateway to 17.2.3

If you are updating an Asset Gateway from releases between the 15.1.0 and the 17.1.14 (inclusive) release, then you can use the firmware update option.

If you are updating an Asset Gateway from an older 13.3.0, 14.1.0 or 14.2.0 release to 17.2.3 you must do a complete product installation. A firmware update from an older 13.3.0, 14.1.0 or 14.2.0 release to 17.2.3 is not supported.

After updating to 17.2.3, you will need to add all device drivers and extensions from the new 17.2.3 release level.

Note:  A firmware update from 16.1.8 or earlier to 17.2.3 is not supported for CentOS 7 or systemd installations.  A full installation is required.

For more information about upgrading your software, see Updating products.