AWS IoT provides the cloud services that connect your IoT devices to other devices and AWS cloud services. The deviceWISE AWS connector allows you to seamlessly connect to the AWS IoT Core using MQTT.

The AWS feature is added using the Administration > Packages tab. Click AWS from the left hand pane. The AWS window appears.

Important Information

  • Status: Technology Preview
  • Latest Version: 0.1.0

AWS Deployment Considerations

Estimated time to install

Deployment is expected to be:

  1. 30 minutes to install on an Industrial Router or PC.

  2. Connecting to AWS Service requires 15 minutes if all required information is known.

Special Skills Knowledge of AWS Services, specifically AWS Sitewise, AWS IAMS, AWS IoT Core.
Root Access Requirements AWS Root Privileges are not needed for deployment
Role Configuration Recommendation It is recommended that Role Configuration and Administration follow a policy of least privilege for all access granted as part of the deployment. See: Security
Public resource prerequisites (e.g. Amazon S3 buckets with bucket policies allowing public access) No public resources are required to connect deviceWISE Edge to AWS.
IAMS Prerequisite No specific IAM role is required for deploy except the ability to generate Access Key ID and Secret Access Key for Sitewise.
Sensitive Data The access and secret keys are stored on the device. Those data items are encrypted. No other customer personal data is recorded.
AWS Billable Services required The purpose of deviceWISE Edge software is to connect to industrial equipment and deliver data to AWS IoT services like IoT Core or Sitewise. The data is then utilized by whatever application the customer is building in AWS.
Telit Pricing deviceWISE Edge is purchased directly from Telit Cinterion. The pricing structure is based on the number of device connections and whether the customer wants to purchase the software with a perpetual license or via subscription license.
Sizing Scripts No scripts are necessary. The sizing of the service is dependent on the data collected by the implementation.

See: Technical Support

Follow the sections to get started with the setting up AWS IoT and deviceWISE.