Installing Asset Gateway for Teltonika

This page describes how to download and install the deviceWISE Asset Gateway on the Teltonika TRB140 and the RUTX09 Gateway.

The Linux-ARM32-Teltonika Product is tested on the following devices and firmware versions:

The firmware must be running GLIBC, as muslc-based firmwares are not supported. For more information, contact your vendor.

Follow these steps to download the Asset Gateway for Teltonika:

  1. Log on to the Management Portal.
  2. Navigate to Developer >> Resources.
  3. Click on the appropriate build folder(if you are not sure, pick the latest available build. For example: 22.02).
  4. Navigate to Teltonika >> Linux-ARM32-Teltonika >> Asset_Gateway.
  5. Click DWGateway_Install.Linux-ARM32-Teltonika.XXX.ipk (where XXX is the version of the Asset Gateway software you want to download)
    and download the file to a temporary location on your computer.
  6. After the installation file has been downloaded, using a root-level authorized user account, transfer the DWGateway_Install.Linux-ARM32-Teltonika.XXX.ipk installation file from the computer to the gateway using any secure file transfer tool available, such as WinSCP.
    Within the file transfer tools connection configuration, you will need to specify the SCP protocol as opposed to the SFTP protocol.
  7. Using an SSH client, log in to the TRB140 or RUTX09 as the same root-level authorized user as above.
  8. Execute the installer:
    # opkg install DWGateway_Install.Linux-ARM32-Teltonika.XXX.ipk
  9. After the installation completes, you will be able to connect to the node using the deviceWISE Workbench.