Topic updated on September 17, 2021

Installing an Asset Gateway

The deviceWISE Asset Gateway software is used to access devices, sensors and your company's other assets. The Asset Gateway processes the data collected from your assets and sends the processed data to the Getting started with IoT Portal or to one of your enterprise applications through a deviceWISE Enterprise Gateway.  To obtain the deviceWISE Asset Gateway installation files, do one of the following:

  1. From the Management Portal. You will need a Management Portal user ID and password and know how to log on. You need this to download the Asset Gateway installation files. If you need a Management Portal account, see Creating the IoT Portal account.
  2. Contact your Telit representative.

Each Asset Gateway license is limited to 5 devices. If you want to add more devices, request for additional licenses.

Need to install the deviceWISE Asset Gateway on your own device?

If you want to install the deviceWISE Asset Gateway software on an unsupported device, or design a device that is capable of running the Asset Gateway software agent, the requirements are listed below:

  • CPU Speed: 400mhz Recommended, 200mhz Minimum
  • CPU Architecture: ARM, PPC, X86, SH4
  • RAM (available for software): 8MB Recommended, 4MB Minimum
  • Disk: 32MB Recommended, 8MB Minimum
  • Operating System: Linux or Windows Recommended, VxWorks or QNX Available as needed.

The deviceWISE Asset Gateway software is available for a number of platforms , it is important to understand that while a particular build may work on your device, the use of the software is unsupported until the device has been certified deviceWISE Ready.

What's Inside