Getting started with IoT Portal

Click through the six steps below to get-started with the IoT Portal
Create your IoT Portal account
Create a Thing definition
Create the Application token
Connect or Create your Thing
View your Thing
Interact with your Thing
Create an IoT Portal account to start connecting your Things. This is the first step to manage and interact with your Thing

You need to create your IoT Portal user account. Any users that are to have access to the IoT Portal a user account will need to be created. The IoT Portal account is generally created using the Management Portal. The Management Portal is a web-based application that contains the UI elements that enables interacting with the the IoT Portal.

If you are trying to create an account in the production environment (, or, then you need to request an admin user within your organization. An admin user of an organization, can invite users as needed. When inviting a user that does not have an account, an account will be created when signing in for the first time. If the user already has an account, the user will simply be added to the Organization. Be sure to create the proper Roles, for users. For more information on Roles, see Roles.This will ensure that the user will only be able to access what they need to have access to. For more information on inviting and adding a user, see Inviting a user.

If you are trying to create an account in the development environment ( then it is possible to create your own account while creating an account in the Dev portal. Follow the steps described in IoT Portal Part 1 - Creating your account to create your IoT Portal account (applies only if you using If you already have your account go to step 2.