The command is used to search for connection meeting user defined criteria.

TR50 Request

  "cmd" : {
    "command": "",
    "params": {
      "query": "270113664613178568",
      "show": ["id", "iccid", "imei"],
      "sort": "+iccid",
      "offset": 0,
      "limit": 50

Request Parameters

Name Type Required Description
query String The search criteria for the search. Query is any value of a field within a Connection. For more information and few sample of the search criteria, see Using Search.
show Array An array of field names of the data columns to return.
sort String A string indicated the direction (+ for ascending, - for descending) and column to sort the results by. To sort by the key descending, use "-key". Defaults to "+iccid".
offset Integer The starting list offset, used for pagination. Defaults to 0 if not specified.
limit Integer Limits the number of results returned. Defaults to the maximum configured size.
showCount Boolean   By default, it is set to true. If set to false, the response will not include the count. Setting it to false will improve the response time but you will not know the total size of the result set.
useSearch Boolean   When useSearch is set to true, it will improve the performance of the operation
In some cases there is a small delay between making changes and when they will be visible to the search database, this delay is typically less than 5 seconds. As such, if you perform an update call, and subsequently call a list, you may not see the results of your operation.
iterator String   iterator is used in conjunction with the useSearch to iterate through the returned results. Initial request should be given the value new. Further requests should be given the value got in from the response.For more information on iterator and useSearch, see the example in cdp.connection.list.

TR50 Response

If the command is sent successfully a success message and a list of matching connections is returned. Otherwise, an error and error message will be returned.

  "cmd": {
    "success": true,
    "params": {
      "count": 116,
      "fields": [
      "result": [
          "id": "5592c4fded32a74e000000d4",
          "orgId": "533ed300310046112300007f",
          "ownerOrgId": "533ed300310046112300007f",
          "permission": "rw",
          "configId": "52cc3757681fdc27b5d8f154",
          "identity": "ICCID: 11704258008900007231",
          "iccid": "11704258008900007231",
          "carrier": "AT&T",
          "imsi": "310107270800003",
          "imei": "353474515790500",
          "ratePlan": "5.0MB Plan",
          "status": "activation_ready",
          "dateActivated": "2015-01-29T14:49:58.27-05:00",
          "dateAdded": "2011-05-25T09:05:04.5-04:00",
          "dateModified": "2015-05-23T03:41:24.675-04:00",
          "customer": "My Company",
          "updatedBy": "",
          "updatedOn": "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z"

Response Parameters

Name Type Description
count Integer The total number of matched connections.
fields Array An array of field names of data columns capable of being returned.
result Array The array of connection objects

Result Array Object

Name Type Description
id String The id of the connection.
orgId String The current organization id
ownerOrgId String If the connection is shared, then the ownerOrgid displays the id of the organization to which it belongs to. If a connection is not shared then the orgid and the ownerOrgid are the same. For more information on sharing a Connection, see  Sharing a Connection
permission String The permissions for the connection in the current organization.
configId String The CDP value configuration id of the connection.
identity String Displays a connection identifier along with the value. For example: ICCID: 8901271224212337421, MEID: 91A1B9B1000000, ID: 53237c1afe2a110ab4deacf7
iccid String The ICCID value of the connection.
carrier String The name of the carrier.
imsi String The IMSI value of the connection.
imei String The IMEI value of the connection.
ratePlan String The rate plan used by the connection.
status String The status of the connection.
dateActivated String The date that the connection was activated.
dateAdded String The date the the connection was added to the AEP.
dateModified String The date that the connection was last modified.
customer String The customer associated with this connection.
updatedBy String The user that last updated this connection.
updatedOn String The date when the last update occurred.