Sharing a Connection

The Sharing tab appears if a connection is shared with other organizations. To share a Connection with other organization, do the following:

  1. In the connection's view, click Actions menu.
  2. Click Sharing

    The Share screen appears.
  3. Enter the Org Key

  4. From the Permissions drop-down select Read and Write or Read only 
    Read and Write
     - allows to read and modify the Connection.
    Read only - allows to only read the Connection.

The CDP configuration is not shared while sharing the Connections.

Connection Sharing Tab

The Sharing tab appears if a connection is shared to or from a different Org.

  1. Status - Click Status to show the list of shared Orgs
  2. History - Click History to show the Connection's History of Sharing/Unsharing logs.  
  3. Share - Click Share to share it with other Orgs. This button appears only when you have Read and Write permission

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