Topic updated on September 17, 2021


The cdp.connection.sms.send command is used to send an SMS to a connection.

It is advantageous to use the Sending an SMS with the enhanced capabilities to send sms.  For more information on the advantages of using the SMS, see Difference between using CDP and SMSC and sms.send.

TR50 Request

  "cmd" : {
    "command": "cdp.connection.sms.send",
    "params": {
      "id": "5592d0c4fde00053074e0107",
      "message": "Lorem ipsum"

Request Parameters

Name Type Required Description
id String Yes* The identifier of the connection.
iccid String The ICCID of the connection.
imei String The IMEI of the connection.
imsi String The IMSI of the connection.
meid String The MEID of the connection.
*One of the above parameters is required to identify the connection.
message String Yes The message to send to the connection, limited to 160 characters.

TR50 Response

If the command is sent successfully a success message is returned. Otherwise, an error and error message will be returned.

  "cmd": {
    "success": true