The thing.unbind command is used to unbind a thing from the current session.

This command requires Org-Admin rights.

TR50 Request

  "cmd": {
    "command": "thing.unbind",
    "params": {
      "key": "mything"

Request Parameters

Name Type Required Description
key String Yes Identifies the thing to unbind from the session.

TR50 Response

If the command is sent successfully a success message is returned. Otherwise, an error and error message will be returned.

  "cmd": {
    "success": true


// basic API
int tr50_thing_unbind(void *tr50, const char *thing_key);
// extended API
int tr50_thing_unbind_ex(void *tr50, const char *thing_key, void* optional_params, void** optinal_reply, char** error_msg);


int unbind(String key, Object response);
int unbind(String key, DwOpenReceiveActionListener recv, Object response);

Response Objects:  Class StringReply, DwOpenResponse. For more information on these response objects, see JAVA - Worker APIs