Topic updated on September 17, 2021

HTTP Interface

The IoT Portal provides a rich HTTP interface to enable you to create applications that use HTTP (or HTTPS) to send commands either by calling the TR50 endpoint or by using the simple REST API.

Key facts about the HTTP interface

  • HTTP and HTTPS interfaces are available on the endpoint URL and ports defined in the Endpoint section on the developer page in the Management Portal.
  • TR50 API calls must be made to the <endpoint URL>/api URL.
  • All TR50 commands must be sent with an "auth" block in the TR50 payload or a "SessionId" HTTP header.
  • REST API is located on the <endpoint URL>/rest URL.
  • The main limitation with the HTTP interface is that there is no mechanism to push a notification to an HTTP client, thus when using certain services (such as the mailbox service), you must poll the API to get notifications when new items arrive.  When using MQTT, a topic notification is sent indicating the arrival of a message, eliminating the need for polling.