Enabling MFA

Enabling MFA provides you with a second level of security in addition to the username and password.  For more information on MFA, see Multi-Factor Authentication.  To enable the MFA, follow the procedures below:

On your mobile phone

To enable MFA you need to install the Authenticator application on your smartphone to scan the QR code that appears while enabling MFA and to generate secondary passwords for subsequent logins. The following table provides the list of applications for various mobile operating systems.

Mobile Operating System Authenticator version
Android Google AuthenticatorAuthy 2-Factor Authentication
iOS Google AuthenticatorAuthy 2-Factor Authentication
Blackberry Google Authenticator
Windows Phone Authenticator
  1. In the Management Portal, click the  >> My profile on the top right corner of the Management Portal.
    My profile screen appears.
  2. Click on Enable MFA

    Enable multifactor authentication screen appears with the text describing the MFA
  3. Click Enable MFA

    Activate MFA device QR code appears.
  4. Setup and open the Google Authenticator app on your phone. The above table provides the links to download the Google Authenticator app.

  5. Tap Scan barcode

  6. Point your phone camera to the QR code that is displayed on the Management portal

    The MFA is now enabled.  
  7. Click Close button to close the Activate MFA deviceQR code screen.
    The next time you login you need to open the app to get the secondary password.  For more information on logging in with the MFA, see Logging in with MFA enabled.

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