Notification groups

Notification group is a group of users who are notified via email or SMS when an event occurs. Notification groups are conceptually analogous to mailing lists.  Administrators can manage notification groups by selecting Administration from the Cog menu   and then selecting Notification groups.

To illustrate the use of Notification group, create a Notification group with the Key as temperature_high_event_group.  For more information on creating a Notification group, see Adding a Notification group. For instance, when the Management Portal receives a request to send an email or SMS through a trigger or API request to the notification group with the Key temperature_high_event_group, it generates a JSON file with the following structure.

Sending an email to the Notification group:

    "1" : {
        "command" : "email.send",
        "params" : {
            "to" : "temperature_high_event_group",
            "from" : "",
            "subject" : "Hello World!",
            "body" : "This is an email message sent by the API."

Sending an SMS to the Notification group 

    "1": {
        "command": "twilio.sms.send",
        "params": {
            "to": "temperature_high_event_group",
            "body": "hello from deviceWISE"

Make sure that each user profile in the notification group contains a valid phone number. If a profile exists without a phone number then SMS will not be received.

Users can manage their own access to public notification groups according as shown on Editing a Notification group

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