The Management Portal provides predefined roles (Super Administrator, Super Operations, Support, Org Admin, Dashboard only) that allows granular access to specific resources of the deviceWISE Cloud and prevent unwanted access to other resources.

Management Portal also provides the ability to create customized Roles. It is possible to create a custom role with one or more permissions and then grant that role to a specific user or an application. For example, it is possible to create users with view only permissions, permission to manage certain things, read only permissions and so on.  The roles provides you the ability to assign certain administrative privileges to users who are not members of the org admin users group. Additionally, it is possible to define roles to restrict access to a set of things based upon the definition of the View tags and Update tags fields.

The diagram below describes how custom roles are assigned to applications or to users. For more information on assigning roles to an application and user, see Creating an Application and Inviting a user. It is possible to assign each User/Application multiple roles depending upon the organization requirements.

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