Inviting a user

To invite a user to the organization:

  1. Click the  (cog menu) >> Administration on the top right corner of the Management Portal
    The Administration screen appears
  2. On Administration screen in the ACCESS group, click on the Users.
    The Users screen appears.
  3. Click Invite User

    Inviting a user 
    screen appears.
  4. Enter or select the following details:

    1. Enter the Email address for the user
      To invite multiple users, enter multiple email addresses separated by a comma.
    2. Select the user group - Org Admin or Dashboard only.

      Dashboard only users can only login to Dashboard sites.

    3. Select the Roles. For more information on Roles, see Roles.
    4. Select the check box Allow sub-org access if you want to allow access to the sub-orgs of the current organization to which you are inviting.
    5. Add Tags used for filtering the display of users on the Users page. For more information on Tags, see Using Tags.
  5. Click Invite.
    The invited user is added to the Invitation tab and an email is sent to the email address with a link to a registration form to complete the registration process. The registration form will ask the user to add contact information and a password. Once the user completes the user registration process, they will be able to log on to the Management Portal.

The invitation is valid for 24 hours.

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