An existing connection is saved as a Thing that enables a connection to have more functionalities that are normally associated to a Thing.

Advantages of creating a thing from a connection


 To create a thing from a connection, do the following:

  1. In the Viewing a Connection, click Actions menu
  2. Click Create thing

    Create thing screen appears.
  3. Enter or select the following details:

    Item Field Description
    a. Thing def. Click the Thing def drop-down and select a Thing definitions.
    b. Thing key select Click the Thing key select drop-down and select the identifier to be used as a Thing key or select custom to define the thing key.
    c. Name Enter the name of the thing.
    d. Billing plan code Click on the Billing plan code drop-down and select the Billing plan code.
    e. VAS package code. Click on the VAS package code drop-down and select the VAS package code.
  4. Click Create.