Things list

The Things list widget displays a list of things. 

Field Description
Name The name of the widget, shown at the top of the widget.
By tags An option to display a list of tags used to limit the things that are displayed in the Things list widget.
Tag cloud An option to display a tag cloud in the Things list widget. For more information about the Tag cloud, see Tag cloud.
By search Enable this option so that you will be able to enter search criteria. Only the things that meet the search criteria gets listed in the widget. For more information on how the search works, see Using Search.
Search input Enable this option to view a search bar in your widget.
Things per page This widget supports pagination. Select the number of things to display per page.
Decimal places precision for properties Specifies the number of decimal places to display to the right of the decimal point.
Link An option to display a link.
  • None The view icon is not displayed.
  • To thing displays the view icon. When the view icon is selected, the thing view page is displayed.
  • To dashboard displays the view icon. A list of dashboards is available to indicate which dashboard is displayed when the view icon is selected.
  • To arbitrary displays the view icon. When the view icon is selected, the specified URL is displayed.
Show border An option to have a border around the widget.
Highlight current thing Select this option to highlight the current thing. The color selector below is to select a color in which the current thing will be highlighted.
Show download CSV Enable this option to view a Download CSV option in your widget.
Custom columns Specify the list of columns available to be displayed in the widget.
  • The Order of the columns can be adjusted using the arrow icons.
  • The Name is the column heading that will be displayed.
  • Click Show unselected columns to show all the unselected columns and select additional columns.
  • Columns that originate from the thing definition can be aliased with an alternative column heading. The Alias column heading will be displayed on the design and display pages.
  • Selecting the checkbox under Include will show or hide the column in the widget.
Widget Interacting with the widget
  • If the number of things to display in the widget exceeds the number of Things per page, pagination options will be displayed.
  • If the Tag cloud option is selected,  the things displayed in the widget will be filtered by the selected tags from the tag cloud.
  • If a Link option other than None is selected, the view icon will be displayed. Selecting the view icon will display the specified page.
  • If the search option is selected, then only the things that match the search criteria gets displayed.
  • If the download CSV option is selected, then Download CSV button is displayed.