Device Profiles

LWM2M Device Profile is referenced by a Thing and defines the desired behavior for the device within the portal as it relates to bootstrapping, registration, registration update, observation of different Object/Instance/Resources, FOTA settings and bindings of the Object/Instance/Resources to Thing attributes and properties to be represented in the portal.  An LWM2M Device Profile can be shared by multiple Things or can be created for one specific a Thing.

The LWM2M device profile can be used to configure the following items of a device within the Portal:

  • Turn on or off the location donation.
  • read a set of Object/Instance/Resource values
  • bind a set of LWM2M client URIs to a property or attribute of a thing
  • define the LWM2M Server information
  • define the Access Control List on the device when bootstrapping
  • define the FOTA settings of the device

What's Inside 

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