Adding Device Profile

To add a new device profile, do the following:

  1. On Developer main screen in the LWM2M group, click Device profiles.
    The Device Profiles screen appears.
  2. Click New device profile.

  3. Enter the following fields to create a new Device Profile:
    Parameters Description
    1NameThe name of the Device Profile
    2DescriptionAn optional description of the Device Profile
    3GlobalCheck Global to make a profile global and it will be available across all the Orgs.

    It is set only by a SuperOps+ user.

    4Location EnabledWhen Location Enabled is set to Yes, the location reported by the module is donated to the cellular location decode provider.
    5ReadsThe Read operation is used to access the value of a Resource, an array of Resource Instances, an Object Instance or all the Object Instances of an Object. For more information on Reads, see Defining Reads
    6BindingsThe Binding is used to bind the value of a Resource to a Property or an Attribute of a Thing. For more information on Bindings, see Defining Bindings
    7Application ServerThe application server is a specific server this is contacted by the Client during its first and every boot-up to initialize the data model.

    You will be able to delete all the Application servers created. Once deleted the default server configuration is shown as 99-This Server.

    8Application ACLsThe LWM2M defines access rights to each Application Server to access a specific object in the data model
    9FOTA settingsThe FOTA settings enable you to define the object, instance, and resource to read the current firmware version. For more information on FOTA settings, see Defining FOTA settings
    10CoAPThe CoAP settings. In the CoAP tab you define the following:
    • Ack Timeout: The amount of time the IoT Portal needs to wait for ACK from the device on the already sent message
    • Maximum retransmission: The number of times the message is retransmitted until the IoT Portal receives an ACK
    11OtherThe default SMS provider is selected for sending SMS messages
  4. Click Add.

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