Topic updated on September 17, 2021

The location.publish trigger action is used to publish a thing's location with latitude/longitude. Speed, direction, and altitude are optional parameters.


To access the location.publish trigger action:

  • In the Adding trigger screen, under Location click and drag the location.publish to the canvas.


When dragged onto the canvas, the appearance of the action is a rectangle with two routing points.

The left routing point (red) is the failure route. This route will be taken if there is an error during execution.

The right routing point (green) is the success route. This route will be taken if action executes successfully.



Thing Key String Yes Identifies the thing to which the published property is to be associated.
Latitude Float  Yes The latitude for this location publish.
Longitude Float Yes The longitude for this location publish.
Heading Integer   The direction for this location publish.
Altitude Integer   The altitude for this location publish.
Speed Integer   The speed of this location publish.
Fix accuracy Integer   The accuracy in meters of the coordinates being published.
Fix type String   A string describing the location fixation type. Typically "gps", "gnss", "manual", or "m2m-locate".
Timestamp String   The date and time of the property to be published.
Corr ID String   A correlation ID that can be used when querying to find related data objects.
Debounce Integer   The debounce value is a number (in meters) used to determine if the location publish should be suppressed to avoid drifting in a small area due to inaccuracies in the location provider. The default value is 50 meters if this is not specified, indicating that if the location published is less than 50 meters from the previous location, then it will be ignored. Set to 0 to disable debouncing.

Action variables

$(trigger.exec_time) String

The time of the trigger execution.