lwm2m.oir.write action

The lwm2m.oir.read trigger action will write the value of a resource or values of all the resources associated with an object.


To access the lwm2m.oir.write trigger action:

  • In the Adding trigger screen, under Lwm2m click and drag the lwm2m.oir.write to the canvas.


When dragged onto the canvas, the appearance of the action is a rectangle with two routing points.

The left routing point (red) is the failure route. This route will be taken if there is an error during execution.

The right routing point (green) is the success route. This route will be taken if action executes successfully.


For writing single resource

For writing multiple resources


Name Type Required Description
Thing key String Yes The thing key of the LWM2M device.
Object String Yes Click on the Object drop-down and then select the object that contains the resource to be written
Instance ID String Yes The Instance ID of the object that contains the resource or resources to be written.
Resource String The Resource that needs to be updated
Encoding Integer The encoding that needs to be done.
Value String Yes The value to be written. The Value must be in JSON format when writing to multiple resources. For example: {"MultipleResId1":"value1", "MultipleResId2":"value2"}