Field Formats and Limitations

The following table provides the limitation of the fields used in the Management Portal.

Name Limitations Exceptions

A key is an identifier that must be globally unique within the organization.

  • Up to 64 characters.
  • The valid characters for a key includes:
    • alphabetic
    • numeric
    • "_" (underscore)
    • "-" (hyphen)
    • ":" (Colon)

  • Case insensitive (although stored and returned as lowercase)
  • Examples includes, key used in Creating a Thing definition, Creating Generic thing and so on.
  • Org keys are globally unique.
  • Org keys are capitalized: org.create
  • ":" (Colon) is not allowed in Org keys.
  • Method aliases contain only uppercase alphabets
  • Notification group keys must begin with a letter:

The valid characters for a tag includes:

  • alphabetic characters (converted to lowercase when possible)
  • numeric
  • "_" (underscore)
  • "-" (hyphen)
  • "_" (underscore) is not allowed in Security tags.
  • A 24 character hexadecimal string

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