Creating a Telit module

This option is currently valid for onboarding the following types of cellular modules: ME910C1

To create a thing based on a Telit module, do the following:

  1. Sign-in to the Management Portal as an Org-Admin, click Things
  2. Click New thing

    Create a new thing screen appears
  3. Click on the Telit module

    A screen with a list of thing definition appears

  4. Do one of the following

    1. Click Create new Thing definition. For more information on creating thing definition, see Creating a Thing definition
  5. Click Next
    Create a new thing  screen appears
  6. Enter the identifier. The identifier is any of the identifiers of a module. For example IMEI or IoT ID or Serial number
  7. Click Find
    It searches the database and lists the module associated with the identifier.
  8. Click LWM2M and select a Device profile.For more information on the Device profile, see Device Profiles.

    It is mandatory to have a Device profile.

  9. Click Identification
    • The fields are auto-populated with the values of the Telit module
  10. Click Other
    1. Enter an optional description of the thing in the Description field
    2. Selecting the Location enabled check box enables the location related features for the thing.
    3. Enter the IP address to reach this thing from the gateway in the Tunnel actual host field. The Actual host is the IP address of the endpoint.
    4. Enter the IP address assigned to it when tunnel gets opened locally in the Tunnel virtual host field. The virtual host is the IP address of the local host on which the tunnel manager listens for active connections.
    5. Click SMS provider drop-down and select an SMS provider.
  11. Click Add