Object browser

The IoT Portal support the majority of the resources of the LWM2M objects (LwM2M Registry).The Object browser is used to manage the LWM2M objects in a real-time. It lists all the Objects/Instances/Resources that are confined to a LWM2M device as explained in the LWM2M Object model. You will be able to Read/Write/Observe and Update attributes of resources directly from the Object browser.

Clicking the Object browser button in the LWM2M tab will open a window showing all the supported LWM2M Objects and included resources.

The items in the Object browser window includes:

  • ? - Description of the Object
  • <Obj Name> - The Object name (for example, LWM2M Server)
  • <Obj ID> - The ID assigned to the specific Object (for example, /1 for LWM2M server)
  • Clicking the > on the far right side of each Object name will expand showing the resources of that specific object.

For each Resource listed there are the following items:

  • Instance - The Instance of the Object
  • <Address> - The address of the specific Resource (for example, /1/0/1 for the Lifetime resource)
  • ? - The description of the resource

A series of Buttons related to the actions applicable to the resource (Observe, Read, Write,Delete and Attributes)

On the right side the resource panel shows the read values from the remote device. For example, the Object 3 has this outputs. Hover over the clock icon to view the date/time of the reading. Clicking the Read button the IoT Portal will send a query to the module to read the corresponding LwM2M resource.

For example, click Read button corresponding to /3/0/13 (Current Time). If the reading is successful the value on the right will be updated and the button will be colored in green for few seconds.

In case, if the reading is failing the button will be colored in Red.

The Connection Monitoring provides the location of the device in a Map View.