Using Security Tags

Security Tags provides ability to allow or deny access for Viewing or Updating Things/Connections based on a user's role. It is possible to specify which Security Tags are required for a Role in order to gain view or update access. If a user does not have the required Security Tag applied to their Role, they will receive an Access Denied message when trying to view/update a Thing/Connection that contains a particular Security Tag.

If you are looking to use tags for filtering the Things/Connections, you will want to use Tags. For more information about Tags, see Using Tags

Use cases:

If you are creating a Thing/Connection with certain Security Tags that only certain people in your organization should be able to view/update then you should set those Security Tags while creating the Role and assign those users to that particular role. For more information creating a role, see Creating a Role.

  • Users with Security Tags (assigned through Roles) will be able to access the Things/Connections without Security Tags
  • Users without Security Tags will be able to access the Things/Connections with Security Tags
  • Security Tags is used to define which Dashboards a user (defined at the role level) can access.
  • Security Tags be used to restrict access to certain data (attributes, properties, alarms, and methods) associated with things via the thing definition.

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