The inquiries that you submit to the Telit IoT Platforms support team are referred to as cases. To open a support case in the Management Portal, follow the procedure below:

  1. Login to the portal.  For more information see Logging into the Management Portal. If you have problems logging into the portal, send an email to

    After sending an email, you will receive a reference ID shortly. Use the reference ID for any further communications related to the same issue. To prevent duplicate Case IDs, DO NOT RESEND THE SAME EMAIL.

  2. On the main screen, click Help.

    The Help page appears.  Scroll down until you see Open a support case

  3. In the Open a support case widget:
    1. Enter the name of your Company.
    2. Click on the Salutation drop-down and select your salutation.
    3. Verify if your name is displayed correctly
    4. Verify if your email address is displayed correctly
    5. Enter your phone number
    6. Enter the name of Platform organization
    7. Click on the Country drop-down and select your country
    8. Click the Product drop-down and select the product you are using.
    9. Click the Status drop-down and select the appropriate status
    10. Click on the Region drop-down and select your region.
    11. Enter a short description in the Subject field
    12. Enter a detail description of your question or problem in the Description field
    13. Read the information provided about how your data will be handled
    14. Select the checkbox to accept the information you read from the above box
    15. Click Submit
      Support request received 
      screen appears.