IoT PortalPart 3 - Creating an Application token

If you already have an application token, then you can skip this part and go to IoT Portal Part 4 - Connecting or Creating a Thing

Create an application in the portal to generate an Application token that is used by the software applications to connect to the portal.  You also select all the credentials required by a device to auto register and connect to the portal. To create an application, do the following:

  1. On the Developer screen in the GENERAL group, click Applications
    The Application screen appears.
  2. Click New Application

    The Adding application screen appears.
  3. Enter or select the following fields for the application.
    NameThe name of the application that is displayed on Management Portal pages.
    DescriptionAn optional description of the application.
    Auto Registration Thing Definition IDThe thing definition to use when the software application uses the auto registration feature when it connects to the IoT Portal. The auto registration feature defines a thing for the application when it connects to the IoT Portal for the first time. If "None" is selected, only things that are created from within the portal or previously connected to the portal can connect using this application token.
    Auto Registration TagsTags defined for the Thing when a gateway or a software application uses the auto registration feature. The tags can be used for filtering Things to display on pages.
    Auto Registration Security TagsSecurity tags defined for the thing when the software application uses the auto registration feature. The security tags can be used to limit a role's access to things.

    Do one of the following:

    • Select the Org Admin check box to give the application the organization administration role
    • Enter one or more roles defined in the organization
    LicenseWhen the application is for an Asset Gateway or Enterprise Gateway, select the gateway license that can be automatically downloaded to the gateway when it connects to the IoT Portal. This automatically downloading of licenses only takes place if the gateway does not currently have any licenses. For example: When the gateway connects over TR50 to the IoT Portal for the first time.
  4. Click Add
    The newly defined application's page is displayed.

Each organization starts with its own system provided sample Default Application.

In the above example, two additional applications have been defined for use by Asset Gateways and Enterprise Gateways.

The definition of applications within your organization will depend on how the items in the organization will be accessed and the application characteristics of:

  • Roles
  • License assignment
  • Auto-registration information including the thing definition.
For example: If different software applications need to have different roles for the access of items, then multiple applications can be defined - each with the specific role assigned. The software applications connect to the IoT Portal with the application token assigned for the specific application. One software application might provide view only access of Things. Another application might provide view, write and modify access to Things. A third application might have access to a subset of Things, but not all of the Things within the organization.

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