IoT Portal Part 6 - Interacting with the Thing

After connecting your Thing there are several ways in which you will be able to interact with your Thing. The following table provides the ways available to interact with the connected Thing:

Interacting with the Thing Description

A Trigger defines the possible event condition that should trigger some actions. IoT Portal provides various events and actions. For more information on trigger events and actions, see Cloud Trigger Events and Cloud Trigger Actions

The third party trigger action allows to interact with the third parties. For more information on Third party actions, see Third Party.

Campaigns Unlike trigger which responds to a specific event, campaign is a set of action performed on a set of Things. For more information on campaign, see Campaigns
Aggregation IoT Portal provides various aggregation algorithms to aggregate the data. For more information, see Data Aggregation, property.aggregate, counter.count, thing.aggregate and thing.aggregate.locations