Installing product software

The deviceWISE base runtime software may have already been installed on your hardware. If it has not been installed, then the installation instructions for the specific deviceWISE product and the hardware environment can be found in this section.

Release 17.2.3 installation

If you are installing the 17.2.3 release of an Asset Gateway or an Enterprise Gateway product on top of a previous release, see the Upgrading from previous versions section of the deviceWISE 17.2.3 Release Notes.

Connecting to the deviceWISE node using the Workbench

After installing one of the deviceWISE products, you can connect to it using the Workbench to begin the configuration and application development tasks. The section Gateway Developer's Guide and Reference describes the individual features of the gateway, as they are accessed using the Workbench.

One of the first steps in using the Workbench is Scanning for local or remote nodes to discover the gateways (also referred to as deviceWISE nodes) that the Workbench can access.

What's Inside