The TR50 feature is used by a gateway to exchange information (data and commands) with the deviceWISE Cloud. The deviceWISE Cloud acts as a message broker, and will forward any commands to another gateway if required.

The list of gateway triggers actions and events that use the TR50 feature are listed under the Thing actionsTR50 actions, Thing events, and  TR50 events sections. Examples of gateway trigger actions that use TR50 include:

  • Execute Method
  • Publish Alarm
  • Publish Location
  • Publish Log
  • Publish Property
  • File Transfer
  • Send Raw Message

Multiple TR50 connections can be defined, when there is a requirement to communicate with multiple Organizations in the deviceWISE Cloud (or to multiple instances of the M2M Service). This is not the common situation for most applications. Most applications and gateway configurations will have a single TR50 connection, which is referred to as the "Default" connection.

The TR50 feature is installed with the base software installation for some products. For other products, the TR50 feature is added using the Administration -> Packages tab.

When you select the TR50 icon from the left hand pane, the TR50 window appears with tabs: 

The link shown in the figure below ( varies depending on the instance of the portal you are connecting to.

Each tab provides the various configuration settings and monitoring information for the TR50 feature for the gateway. The pages in this TR50 section describe each tab and provide common TR50 connection problems and solutions.

What's Inside