deviceWISE View

The deviceWISE View is a modular data visualization tool that allows you to create custom displays. The deviceWISE View has a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to create complex displays through readily available widgets. A collection of displays is called a Gallery. Galleries are saved to a deviceWISE node. You will be able to read/write variables, fire triggers, and interact with the local databases.

Galleries are collections of displays.
Displays are created using the widgets. Each widget can display a real-time value of a deviceWISE variable.
Allows you to change the theme for the application.
Allows you to toggle the application between dark and light mode.
Get help to use the application or to view the application version. You will also view an option to send feedback.
View the account and node information. Click Sign out to logout of the application.
Create a new Gallery. For more information on creating a new Gallery, see Creating a Gallery.

You need to add the deviceWISE View package to your node before starting to use it and requires a necessary license. For more information on adding a package and obtain licenses, see Packages and Workbench configurations for deviceWISE View .

deviceWISE View requires minimum 20.1.10 or higher version of deviceWISE.

What's Inside

This section contains the following: