Topic updated on November 03, 2021

Viewing Connection SMS

 The SMS tab displays the history of the SMS sent or received for the selected date/time range. It also allows you to compose and send SMS.

 New SMS button is for sending an SMS

Export button enables you to save the list in the CSV format

Validity indicates the number of seconds from the time the SMS message is submitted, until it will expire from sending the SMS

Following messages are shown in the SMS Tab:

MT (Mobile Terminated) - Messages sent from the portal, or the API (For more information on sending message to mobile, see  sms.send)

MO (Mobile Originated) - Messages sent to the portal

The MO messages are sent to the six digits shortcode to get forwarded to the portal.

The following are the SMS short codes for the SMSC(Short Message Service Center).

SMS provider Short code
Tele2 700092
Telefonica 700092
Rogers 700092
AT&T Jasper 87194704
AT&T EOD  28887872
T-Mobile  1520
VF new SMPP 310003191
Verizon VPP 777211530003
Telefonica Kite 215046

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