Viewing Trigger Report

The Trigger report page gives you an insight of the trigger events that has been executed with exact time, period and status of execution. The Trigger report is controlled by the Reporting mode you select while creating a trigger. For more information on Trigger Reporting mode, see Adding a trigger. To view trigger report for a trigger, do the following:

  1. On the  Developer  main screen, click Triggers.
    The Triggers screen appears.
  2. Click on the corresponding view button  of a Trigger for which you want to view the report. For more information on viewing a trigger, see Viewing a trigger.The Trigger view page appears.
  3. Click on Reports

    The Trigger reports page is displayed. 

    The trigger report is generated in accordance to the Reporting mode selected while Adding a trigger.
  4. To show a detailed view of an item in the report, click on the view icon of any item in the report you want to view.

    The trigger report shows the event that caused this trigger to execute along with the parameters and the outputs of each action of the trigger.

To delete a Trigger Report, click the delete icon corresponding to the Trigger report you want to delete.

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