Viewing a trigger

The Trigger View page provides the daily breakdown graph of a cloud trigger's success and failure counts and the trigger's routing and values (flowchart) diagram.  To view a trigger, do the following:

  1. On the Developer screen, under the GENERAL group, click Triggers
    The Triggers screen appears
  2. Click on the corresponding view button  of a Trigger that you want to view.

    The Trigger view page appears and has the following three sections:
    1. Summary data - Contains Event TypeTotal success and failure countsDaily success and failure counts

      Trigger Functionalities

      EditClick on the Edit button to modify the trigger. For more information on editing a trigger, see Editing a Trigger.
      DeleteClick on the Delete button to delete the trigger. For more information on deleting a trigger, see Deleting a Trigger.
      LogClick on the Log button to view the error logs. To download the logs as a CSV, click Download CSV.
      ReportsClick on the Reports button to view the trigger events that has been executed. For more information on viewing trigger report, see Viewing Trigger Report.
      CloneClick on the Clone button to clone the trigger.
      Start/StopClick on the Start/Stop button to start/stop the trigger
      Create TemplateClick on the Create template button to create a template of the trigger and use it for creating other templates. For more information on Creating a new trigger template, see Creating trigger template.
      Reset counters

      Click on the Reset counters button to reset the Total success and failure counts.

      Clicking the Reset counters button does not reset the daily success and failure counts.

    2. Performance history - Graph and Table view of the trigger's daily success and failure executions over the last 30 days.

      Table view allows you to download the Performance history for the past 30 days as a CSV.

    3. Trigger routing and Values

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