IoT Platform Introduction

The IoT Platform helps you to manage your Things and connect them to your Applications. The IoT Platform does this in a way that is easy to use and allows you to deploy production-ready solutions in a matter of weeks instead of months.

Solutions build with the IoT Platform are built upon three key aspects:

  • Connect: We provide many ways to connect your devices to the IoT Portal, from native integration in Telit OneEdge modules and the deviceWISE Asset Gateway, to industry leading device management protocols like Lightweight M2M, MQTT, and HTTP, you will always find a way to connect your device to the IoT Portal.
  • Manage: The IoT Portal is an award winning device management and data integration service that provides a powerful rules engine, visualization, and APIs to enable you to rapidly deploy your IoT solution
  • Integrate: A core component of theIoT Portal includes the ability to easily integrate services with external services, either through standard APIs, or direct integration with services provided by AWS, SAP, Google, IBM, Microsoft, and others.

IoT Portal

The IoT Portal is a hosted service that handles all security, messaging, device management, and administration for your application solution. You configure and monitor the IoT Portal using the web-based Management Portal.


deviceWISE is a service that runs on just about anything that has a CPU and some RAM. It is an extremely powerful device connector and edge logic service that can collect data from IoT devices at a very high rate.

deviceWISE Asset Gateway

The deviceWISE Asset Gateway is the software that communicates with your company's assets, processes any data, and sends the processed data either to the IoT Portal or to one of your enterprise applications through a deviceWISE Enterprise Gateway. For more information on Installing an Enterprise Gateway, see Installing an Enterprise Gateway. The Asset Gateway is configured using the deviceWISE Workbench which lets you configure it with an innovative logic engine that enables rapid development of applications, eliminating time-consuming custom application development and testing that accompanies many custom applications.

Another key value proposition for the Asset Gateway is the availability of a robust library of drivers enabling communication with a wide variety of sensors and controllers commonly found in smart factories, buildings, and throughout the energy sector. For more details about the available drivers, see Device types.

Asset Gateway software supports many platforms and runs on various operating systems to ease integration with your existing solutions. For a complete list of platforms supported by Asset Gateway and the operating systems, see Getting started with IoT Gateways.

Each Asset Gateway license is limited to 5 devices. If you want to add more devices, request for additional licenses.

deviceWISE Hosted Gateway

The deviceWISE Hosted Gateway uses the same software as the deviceWISE Asset Gateway and lets you connect remote devices that don't support communicating with the IoT Portal directly. The Hosted Gateway can be deployed in your own data centers or can be co-resident with the IoT Portal enabling rapid development of solutions that can "take over" existing deployments enabling seamless solution development between legacy and new systems.

deviceWISE HTTP and MQTT Interface

The IoT Portal provides several interfaces to enable robust communication from a variety of programming languages. If you want to use a pre-packaged library, full source clients are available in C and JAVA. If you want to create your own client, the IoT Portal API Reference Guide describes the request and reply message formats. The IoT Portal supports communication through CoAP, HTTP and MQTT. For more information on IoT Portal Interface, see IoT Portal API Reference Guide.

deviceWISE Enterprise Gateway

The deviceWISE Enterprise Gateway (Enterprise Gateway) is unique in the industry. Where most platforms only provide you with APIs so that you can write code to interface your enterprise applications, the deviceWISE IoT Platform goes a step further and provides enterprise-grade software that can be installed in your back-office and instantly map data from the deviceWISE IoT Platform to your enterprise applications.

Telit 910 Module AT Interface

If you are building a solution that uses the Telit 910 family of cellular modules, you can interface with the IoT Portal via a set of simple AT commands. The API removes the need for complicated IP stack management from applications that can be run from a simple micro-controller. The agent running in the module manages the cellular connection and the connection to the IoT Portal to make it as easy as possible to integrate your device with the IoT Portal.

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